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  • Dashgal.com Private Auction

Dashgal.com Private Auction

$ 1,000.00



What's included:
2) Custom logo design
3) Custom banner design
5) Social media accounts: 
Facebook - It is setup and integrated to sell on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Dashgalboutique/
Instagram - (WITH OVER 500 FOLLOWERS) https://www.instagram.com/dash_gal_boutique/
6) A fully functional custom design website build with Shopify by our design team with our PREMIUM THEME (Value $299). We setup logo, banners, social media, uploaded all 3,700 products, created categories, integrated to Collective Fab APP. 
7) The Shopify store is paid on a Basic plan of $29/mo and it good till Jan 21st until you are charged again. You are responsible for any future payments from Shopify.
8) Mailchimp Account - Free plan
*Wanelo will not allow account transfer. We will delete our account, and you can simple sign up for a new one. Wanelo is only for US clients. 

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